Awesome Ideas For Canada Spring Break 2018 In Europ Within Your Budget

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Awesome Ideas For Canada Spring Break 2018 In Europ Within Your Budget


Nicknamed the “Croatian Ibiza”, the island of Pag set aside you to party without limit in a supercharged ambiance, in the heart of this popular destination that hosts every year the most excellent DJs on the planet.

Come back again this year with the best European spring break! The months of May / June are a chance for the beach resort of Novalja, on the island of Pag in Croatia (small in size but giant in its notoriety) to celebrate its opening for the year usually very hectic. The aim is simple: party in costume for a well deserved weekend! So we will guide you and tell you a little more about the destination so that you can go and appreciate all that Novalja has to offer you in the best possible conditions.


The neighboring town to Zrce beach is called Novalja. It is less than 3 kilometers from the beach and is easy to get to buy a carrier that picks up all clubbers before taking them to the beach. As long as the clubs are open, the shuttles jog. There are departures approximately every 20 minutes from several places in the city and you book it as an option.

Spring breakers usually use their holidays in the many apartments of the city. We, therefore, suggest apartments with capacities ranging from 2 to 6 people. They are all located in Novalja within a 10-minute walk maximum of a shuttle bus stop to Zrce. They are ready with a kitchenette and a private bathroom. The living room is usually prepared with a sofa bed and counts as a bedroom.


You can straight add the airport transfer to your reservation to take you from Zadar airport to Novalja (the journey time is about 1h30) and back. Airport transfers are only possible if you book the flight as part of this package.

It is possible to take the bus bracelet in a straight line to take the shuttle during your weekend. It’s unlimited (otherwise, each trip cost around 3 dollars) Added to your order, it will be handed to you when you check in for your residence.

Finally, you can buy your bottles for the Papaya Beach Club as an add-on at preferential prices to be treated like a ruler when you get there!


All clubs have a free access for a huge pool party nicely mixed by one of the resident DJs. The price of entry in the evening depends on the lineup but usually does not exceed 5-10$ at the beginning of the season. There is no dress code to go into the clubs of Zrce, with no t-shirt, it works as well!


The Papaya rapidly established itself as the must-see disco on the island. All the ingredients are reunited to spend an unforgettable moment: a real place dedicated to party, with 3000 m2 of swimming pools, bars, dance floors and podiums, thus offering you a unique open airspace to enjoy the pleasures of a club not to mention that you are only a few meters from one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Its line-up continues to impress. This temple of music, often filled with smart sets, should be an expected stop during your stay on the island of Pag! Lastly, the price of drinks remains very affordable: three euros for a beer, six to eight for a cocktail and one hundred and thirty for a jug with the table.


The island’s oldest nightclub (opened in 1988) has just as prophesy the coming out of this piece of paradise as helped to achieve it. Although opening two decades before its future competitors, the Kalypso has potted all the assets of its success. It welcomes festival-goers all day to enjoy the sun, azure water, but also music in a relaxed atmosphere on comfortable sun beds in the shadow of the trees around which the club was built. It is a real cocoon whose lineups have nothing to envy to the greatest of the type.


The NOA Beach Club is a trendy nightclub that boasts first-rate encoding, a high-performance sound system, a laser show, a dance show and five bars, among others. This club, which is built directly on a pontoon above the sea, will put you through the mill with wild after parties and trampolines placed deliberately around the club for those who desire a little momentum to leap into the sea between two drinks or those prefer to comfortably relax under the sun.


The fourth largest club on Zrce beach, like the Papaya, is a club at first base in Zagreb that later exported to this beach, which is now coveted by European clubbers. Featuring a restaurant, a seashore bar and a pizzeria open until dawn, the Aquarius is visited daily by a large number of spring breakers, certainly hearsay of its famous giant foam parties. It’s here that you will find the craziest after beach parties of Zrce, everything is tolerable at Aquarius!


The beach of Zrce suggests a wide range of activities, more or less sporty, such as banana boats, towed buoys, parasailing, bungee jumping, blob jump and wakeboard cable. You will have every chance to show that you are not only the king of the dance floor but also a proven sportsman. Boat parties often leave from the center of Novalja. It will not be every day at the beginning of the season because there is often a lot of wind around the island. Do not forget to inquire on the spot to know the date of the next boat party and participate!

Like the vast bulk of beaches in Croatia, Zrce is a pebble beach, which means that walking barefoot may confirm a little complicated. So plan for adapted shoes or sandals, it’s not sexy but you are thankful!

The climate

The most excellent time to go to Novalja is between May and September. The island enjoys a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot summers. We often have good surprises in May / June since temperatures can reach 30-35 °C during the day. Even if you expect something slightly warmer for the evening because of the wind on the island, it tends to cool off a bit when the night falls. If it rains traditionally every year during the Sonus Festival (last week of August), you can rest easy for the rest of the season, it usually rains very small.


We are in Croatia, so locals speak more often than not Croatian. Those who are in contact with tourists (bars, restaurants, clubs and souvenir shops) speak relatively good English. The seaside resort living exclusively from tourism during the summer months, it will not be unusual to discover menus translated into several languages in restaurants.


The currency is Croatian Kuna. Croatia does not have the Euro and we do not advise you to try to pay with Euros because most of the time, the shopkeepers will refuse them, or you will pay a lot more. The swap rate at the airport is not interesting, it is better to withdraw money directly on the site at the many ATMs of the city. The deposit of the apartments being gone back when you leave if everything went well, it is sensible to carry this exact amount in cash and euros before your arrival.

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