Due to your low credit score, applying for the best credit cards that are only available to those with good credit scores will do nothing more than damage your existing credit score through hard inquiries. It is suggested to start rebuilding or structure your credit with a credit card. Through years of good management, you can improve your credit score ad apply for best credit cards.  But don’t worry. The situation is now not as bad as you think there is a easiest manner to get approved for credit cards. Start your credit rebuilding journey with these credit cards.Now let’s take a short look at the easiest credit cards to get approved for by category wise.

People with little or no credit history can get approved for this credit card easily

This card is considered an opt credit card for people with no or low credit history.

Barclaycard® Rewards MasterCard® 

  • For every single dollar, you spend on grocery, gas, and other utility purchases, this Barclay
  • A credit card will get you 2 points.
  • It offers 1 point for every $1 you spend anywhere else.
  • Requires no annual fee
  • It does not pose any limit on the points of your ear. You can add to any extent. No blackout dates and no redemption fees.
  • Reporting to all 3 major credit bureaus offers an opportunity for rebuilding your credit score.
  • Also offers very convenient access to your fico score right from your Barclay rewards credit card in online mode. It provides complimentary FICO scores to its active card members.
  • Regular APR 24.99%
  • Credit Requirement: Average Credit 

Usually, the creditors prefer the people with no credit history better than someone who has screwed up with their credit. Above all, they are more willing to offer their credit cards to first-time applicants.

Since you are in the mid of high to low credit scores, applying for the best credit cards which are given to the people with good credit scores will not do anything more than hurt your present credit score through hard inquiries. So it is suggestible to start your credit rebuilding or building journey with some entry-level credit cards. Once you improve your credit score through years and years of good management, you can apply and get approved for even better cards.

 Easiest credit card to get approved for College Students

If you have just turned into the legal age to apply for credit cards, I know credit cards may seem like a tempting one. As you don’t have any previous credit history, I suggest you go with the college student credit cards that are designed for your needs. These are the easiest credit cards to apply for college students. You can find so many cards in the market right now. I have given here my favorite one.

Discover it for Students

  • This card offers 5% cashback offers in most of the categories. This percentage use is subject to vary throughout the year. It allows up to 3 free & easy sign-ups. Provides 1% cashback on all other purchases.
  • Based on how well you are using the card, it offers cash back Concierge anytime.
  • It does not pose any over-limit fee or annual fee. They offer a grace period for your first last payment and won’t charge you since it’s the first time. However, paying late will not result in the APR increase as in all other cards
  • If you are a frequent overseas traveler, using this card will save you a few bucks. Because no transaction fee is charged with this card.
  • Offers great customer service for all the days all round the clock.
  • It offers a $0 Fraud Liability Guarantee. So you are safe from the legal issues that occur due to unauthorized purchases.
  • For the first purchase you make on this card for 3 months, you will be rewarded with a $20 cashback.
  • Variable APR ranging from 12.99% – 21.99%.*

Discover it card can be obtained only by college students. If you are not a student then it’s not possible for you to get this card but still there are many easy-to-get approved credit cards available in the market no matter whether you are 20 or 80.

For bad credit

If you have been stuck up with bad credit don’t worry. Not everything is lost. You have still plenty of other options in the market.

I won’t refuse the fact that you cannot get qualify for a wide range of best credit cards available in the market. So in most cases, the easiest credit card to get approved will fall under the category of secured cards. But still, you have to be careful. Most of the secured credit card offers are nothing but a scam. It charges high fees. Remember just because of the reason, you have bad credit, you don’t necessarily need to get ripped off!

Application fees

When you apply for secured credit cards, some used to charge a small fee for the application.

Processing fees

Apart from application fees, some creditors pose an additional charge for your application processing. If this is the case. It’s always wise to stay away from the cards which pose these kinds of fees.

Annual or monthly fees

Paying an annual fee with your secured card is normal. But just make sure whether it is reasonable and is not something outrageous.

Easy account management

To keep you on track creditors provide notification on the due date through text messages or email. It should be given as an additional service free of cost.

Reports to 3 major credit bureaus

The purpose of searching for the easiest credit cards to get approved for is of course credit rebuilding. So if the secured card you choose does not report your credit activities to the credit bureaus in no way it can help you. Make sure you check this thing before signing up with anyone.

Above all, to secure credit cards you have to deposit collateral upfront. So most secured credit cards provide easy approval as long as you meet their simple requirements. To get the secured credit card you should have turned 18 years of age and should provide your identity. For these secured cards usually, you don’t need to submit any previous credit history. So no matter how bad your credit score is, you can always get these cards with the line of credit equal to your collateral. At the end of certain periods, collateral will be returned to you. By establishing your creditworthiness, you can also get qualified for their standard credit card. But it will take a while and some effort on your part.

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