Frequently Asked Questions

Now, we are a popular credit referral agency in Canada. So far, we have processed the loan application of thousands of borrowers successfully. Customers ask a lot of question regarding different loan products from time to time. Our loan experts try their level best to answer the question of the maximum number of borrowers. We are prepared a list of some frequently asked questions. Just go through it to find the answer to your question. For any other assistance regarding our loan products and services, you can contact our loan experts. They will help you with your request as soon as possible.

What is your role at Amazing Payday?

To be very honest, we are a credit referral agency in Canada. The process the application of needy borrowers on our website so that they can contact the authorised credit lender in Canada and get the right financial ad as per their current financial condition, the requirement for cash, and repayment potential. Our credit referral service is free for all.

Anyone can use this website for loan application and acquisition at any time. Credit borrowers must always keep in mind that we just process their application on our website. We don't play any role in loan application or rejection because it's not in our hand. The approval of your application depends on how well you communicate with the lender and meet the terms and conditions put forward by him/her.

Who can apply for the loan products you advertise here?

All adult Canadians who have stable employment with a regular monthly income and an active bank account against his / her name can apply for the loan products advertised by us.

For which expenses can I use the availed money?

The credit lenders don't ask you the objective of loan application and acquisition. So you can avail the money for meeting all types of emergency financial needs.

What are the loan products for which I can submit my application and get the desired fonts needed to meet certain financial expenses?

The process of your application for different loan products. They are as below:

  • Guaranteed Payday Loans,
  • Weekend Payday Loans,
  • Instant Payday Loans,
  • Payday Loans Ontario,
  • Payday Loans Alberta &
  • Payday Loans Manitoba,
How can I apply for the loan products on your website?

You can get started with us at any point of time and from any place. To generate a request for the loan you need to go to the application section of this website. Just fill an online application form with correct details and hit the submit button to send your application to us. We send your application to the panel of credit lenders who work with us.

The review your application and check the legitimacy of the supplied facts. Loan applications with incorrect details are detected by credit lenders. They can approve your application if all the supplied facts are genuine.